Phuket Beach Towel With Pocket

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📱 Keep your phone and valuables safe with the water resistant pocket
🙌 No more towel blowing away with our loops to keep it in place
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Our Phuket brown margs beach towel is the sort after towel of 2024. Our premium towels combine style and functionality for the perfect beach experience 🐚 

🌴Water resistant pocket for phone & valuables

🌴Pegs so your towel stays put on windy days

🌴Premium fabric made from recycled bottles

🌴Designs you actually love

🌴Lightweight and compact



Bottles Saved from landfill

Finally have somewhere to put my phone and keys when I go for a dip in between my sunning. plus I LOVE the patterns, I actually love them
Has made going to the beach easier and more enjoyable, plus they're actually awesome designs

Made for Relaxing

Stylish Designs

Lightweight & Compact

Recycled Material

Perfect for Euro Trips

You're going to wonder how you travelled without this towel before. Trips to the beach are for relaxing, not for worrying about your valuables getting lost, stolen, or wet

Customer Reviews

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Beth L
Ok. Lovveee

In love with my new towel, loved the pattern but also I use the pocket all the time now, thank you!

Amelia Darney

Absolutely adore this design, plus sand literally falls off it and I used the pegs on a windy day and it just stays put, such a great idea